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Best Friends Can Make a Child More Physically Active

Boys and girls who take part in physical activity with their best friend in the neighborhood where they live have higher levels of physical activity, new research has found. With many children not doing enough physical activity the findings could help with the UK's current health care concerns.

The study examined the extent to which the physical activity modeling and physical activity actions of best friends are associated with the physical activity of 10- to 11-year-old children. 

Physically Fit Kids Do Better In School

A new study in the Journal of School Health found that physically fit kids scored better on standardized math and English tests than their less fit peers.

Researchers examined the relationship between physical fitness and academic achievement in a racially and economically diverse urban public school district of children enrolled in grades 4 – 8 during the 2004 – 2005 academic year.

Physical Activity May Strengthen Children's Ability To Pay Attention

Charles Hillman and Darla Castelli, professors of kinesiology and community health, have found that physical activity may increase students' cognitive control -- or ability to pay attention -- and also result in better performance on academic achievement tests.