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How It Works

The design of the CABC’s activity is approximately a 10-12 minute event. Daily utilization will maximize the effectiveness but frequency is at the individual teacher’s discretion. (Recommendation: Teachers should consider implementing CABC when the class appears to be distracted or sluggish)

Inventory Composition

CABC’s Modules:

  •  Chachersize Warm Up (Approximately 2 Minutes)
  •  Chachersize Slides (Approximately 3 -4 Minutes)
  •  Chachersize Shuffles (Approximately 3 -4 Minutes)


The CABC Modules are accessible via a Cloud environment. (Note: To maximize safety, the Chachersize Warm Up module is required prior to any CABC activity)
Chachersize ABC is the most cost effective solution in academia. We ask a nominal per student licensing fee to support program maintenance, module development and platform expansion.


  • $1.99 Per Student Per Semester
  • $299.00 Platform Set Up Fee (Customized Portal Development)

Chachersize ABC Scholarship Program

Some schools will be eligible to participate in sponsor funded Chachersize ABC Scholarship Program. To participate in this program, sponsors may require a 5 minute “add on” nutritional educational section to be executed pre or post Chachersize ABC implementation.

There are many corporate and private entities who will financially embrace supporting this activity. Schools are also welcome to solicit benefactors from their community to underwrite implementation of Chachersize ABC.

Chacherthon Program

Another great way to underwrite the Chachersize ABC program is to establish a Chacherthon which calls upon Students and Parents to get sponsorships from friends, family and loved ones. This is also a great kick off tool to generate excitement about the community aspect of the program which includes parental engagement.

Sponsorships will be based on two 20 minute sessions. If executed properly, there should be at minimum a 60% SURPLUS which could be utilized as the school or sponsoring entity within the school deems fit. (PTA or SWA)