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Chachersize ABC X-Factor

As an added incentive for students to embrace this initiative, we are proud to announce the Chachersize ABC X Factor contest. We want to engage students to create their own Chachersize ABC routines which will be incorporated into the national Chachersize ABC module platform. The winning group(s) will also receive prizes for their submission.

Student groups will submit video’s via the website. Due to copyright laws, participants will be restricted to utilizing songs from the chachersize catalog which will be accessible via our website. If selected, an official shoot will be scheduled at the participating school.

Parental permission is required for all participants and there is an expectation that Chachersize ABC will have the right to distribute contents of video to students across the nation as part of the Chachersize ABC platform.

There is method to this aspect of our strategy as the Chachersize ABC X Factor campaign will benefit students in a multitude of ways which include:

  • Planning
  • Choreography
  • Enhanced Physical Fitness
  • Improved Organization Skills
  • Media Training
  • Media Production